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Slackintosh ppc

Slackintosh ppc

Name: Slackintosh ppc

File size: 847mb

Language: English

Rating: 6/10



Slackintosh released. Took some time to create the CD/DVD images:) This release includes KDE , GCC 4.x, epoll support and much more. Well.. Sun doesn't provide any binaries for PPC-Linux: p. You could try GNU- Classpath (Slackintosh includes gcj). Slackintosh is a port of Slackware Linux to the PowerPC (Macintosh) processor architecture. Development Release: Slackintosh RC1.

Slackintosh does not work on Intel-Macs. Slackintosh is a PPC distribution. Slackintosh was under development by Adrian Ulrich and Marco. Hello, I'm new to linux though I have some nix experience, I thought I'd take a look and see where linux is these days so I've downloaded the. Slackintosh was a little-known PPC port of Slackware Linux which after some years of development was put on indefinite hiatus. MacinTux.

The 68k->PPC transition and Snow Leopard: comparing apples to oranges Slackintosh was a little-known PPC port of Slackware Linux which after some. And while their are a few live CDs out there for the PPC macs, none of them have the Puppy Linux the people who made Slackware and Slackintosh. Introduction. This howto describes how I installed Slackintosh on my Apple iBook G4 (1GHz). It includes some handy hints I picked up while installing the system. Finnix, obviously (utility LiveCD); CRUX PPC, an independent port of Hat Enterprise Linux (server/workstation distro, PPC server edition only.



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